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November 20th, 2016.

21 years ago a person was born, that 21 years later would be one of the most awesome person that me and all the fans, friends and family  would have the honour to meet and have in our lives.

I’ve never seen Michael up close, never heard his Voice and much less hugged him. But what I see every day when I hear a song, read a tweet or post a single picture of him on twitter, is that he is special on his own way.

With all the love, myself and the whole 5SOSBrasil team, together with all our followers, wish you Michael, all the love in the world and all the success you deserve.

Today our collumn is special and this text written by one of our followers is even more special.

My name is Maria, my user is @talkmeclifford and this is what I’ve written with all my heart for a very special person.

It’s hard – almost impossible – for me to touch the subject Michael Clifford without getting emotional or getting me to love him even more.

I can’t think of a more apropriate way to start this text than this: Michael Gordon Clifford is human.

Impresive right? You thought I was going to say “perfect”? I could very well describe him like that, but would it be true? And human is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful qualities someone could have. It means you’re still alive, and you still feel. And that is beautiful. And he feels, I may not know exactly what – after all I haven’t developed the hability to read minds yet – but he feels.

After all, is impossible to write songs the way he does without feeling, do the things he does without beeing human (wonderfully human).

But what I know for sure, is that he deserves the world, but the world doesn’t deserve him.

And another thing I’m certain of, is that Daryl and Karen could’ve never imagined 21 years ago that that little angel at their arms would hit with his light the life of more people that they could count.

I’m proud to say that Michael Clifford hit my life in such a deep and beautiful way. He hit me through music, the same music that was my only companion, and I can’t measure how important this is for me. That’s why I love him, for teaching me that there is no problem in turning your back against the world sometimes and fight for what you believe on without thinking about the consequences.

And today I just wanted to say how special, how loved he is by the people that were saved by him. Wanted to say that he is an angel that we’ve meet by chance, but that will never be fogotten by chance. I want him to feel – I know that he feels – this love that burns in me and in thousands of people that were hit by this wonderful light that he is.

Michael Clifford, it doesn’t matter what you’re doing right now, I want to thank you for being exactly who you are. You deserve all the happiness this world can offer you. I hope you can feel our love, we definetly can feel yours.

With the deepest love, just a fan.

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